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Wireless Joey

Having incredible programming speed is just as important as having an organized entertainment center. Simply sync up a Wireless Joey with your Hopper, and view TV anywhere in your home, even outside on the patio, without having to worry about hiding any cables.

Super Joey

You want to record one program. Another family member wants to record another. Take control over this type of squabble with the Super Joey. The Super Joey can record up to eight channels and store up to 2,000 hours of your favorite shows when combined with the Hopper.

The 4K Joey

The 4K Joey is a next-generation receiver that displays the most crystal-clear picture for compatible 4K televisions. Featuring native Bluetooth support, this receiver offers one high-end whole-home experience. Capable of connecting with televisions throughout your entire home, the 4K Joey and the HOPPER 3™ give you more entertainment options than ever before. With the right 4K receiver like the 4K Joey, you’re set for the best picture quality possible on your television.

The HopperGO

Change the way you catch up on great TV – anytime, anywhere and without a data plan. The HopperGO places 100 hours of DVR content in the palm of your hand. Connect up to 5 devices wirelessly to watch programs with no Internet connection or draining of your mobile device's storage capacity required.

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